Undergraduate Audition Information

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Students must prepare the required materials listed below. Please read carefully. Jazz skills are optional for the audition.

  1. SOLO REPERTOIRE (Required)

At least two solo selections of contrasting style from the standard concert (“classical”) repertoire of the saxophone. The selections may be a complete piece, multi-movement piece, selected movements of the same piece, or selected movements of different pieces. Total duration of prepared repertoire pieces should be approximately 12-15 minutes. Several advanced etudes may be performed in place of ONE of the selections.

Students should select and prepare material that represents their best playing, with attention to musical expression, tone quality, appropriate stylistic considerations, and technical facility.

Click here for examples of appropriate repertoire

  1. SCALES (Required)

All major scales, full range of the instrument, ascending and descending.
Chromatic scale, full range of the instrument, ascending and descending.
Choice of three harmonic minor scales, full range of the instrument, ascending and descending.

Scales are to be performed in the following format:
All 16th notes, full range of the instrument, at a minimum tempo of 80, slurred. Articulation variations are optional.

  1. JAZZ SKILLS (Optional)

In addition to items above, students may perform jazz selections.
*Interpret the melody of, and improvise on, a jazz standard tune or blues.
*Perform a transcription of a recorded jazz solo, playing along with the recording.

(Students must bring their own CD/ipod recording of the accompaniment and transcriptions with which they will play.)

  1. OTHER: Students may be asked to demonstrate additional skills such as sight-reading, interpretive variations in the solo repertoire, ear training, and scale variations.

For more information regarding auditions please visit the Penn State School of Music website by clicking HERE.