Graduate Audition Information

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Auditionees should prepare the following:

1. All major and minor scales (harmonic and melodic), full range; full range in 3rds; full range in 4ths.

2. Repertoire selections, duration of approx 20-25 minutes of music, including at least one complete work.

(List of examples below)

3. Movement of a transcribed work from any composer before 1900, either published or transcribed by the auditionee.

4. JAZZ SKILLS (optional):

In addition to items above, students may perform jazz selections.

- Interpret the melody of, and improvise on, a jazz standard tune or blues.

- Perform a transcription of a recorded jazz solo, playing along with the recording.

Students must bring their own CD/iPod recording of the accompaniment and transcriptions with they will play.

5. OTHER: Students may be asked to demonstrate additional skills such as sight-reading, interpretive variations in the solo repertoire, ear training, altissimo, transposition, and scale variations.

Examples of appropriate repertoire:

(This is only a partial list of examples. The selected piece need not be on the list to be acceptable. Some pieces from the Undergraduate list are also acceptable. Please feel free to contact Dr. David Stambler with any questions about audition materials)

Absil - Sonata
Albright - Sonata
Alessandrini - Boite de Pandore (Pandora's Box)
Alessandrini - Cronos
Bassett - Concerto
Bassett - Duo Concertante
Bassett - Music for Saxophone & Piano
Berio - Sequenza VIIb (soprano)
Berio - Sequenza IXb (alto)
Bolcom - Concert Suite
Bolcom - Lilith
Bonneau - Caprice en Forme de Valse
Chambers - Deep Flowers
Cooper - Four Impromptus
Cowell - Air and Scherzo
Creston - Concerto
Dahl - Concerto
Decruck - Sonata
Denisov - Sonata
Desenclos - Prelude, Cadence, et Finale
Etazade - Street Legal
Feld - Elegie (soprano)
Feld - Sonata (alto)
Feld - Sonata (soprano)
Finney - Concerto
Garrop - Pieces of Sanity
Garrop - Tantrum
Goldstein - Fault Lines
Gotkovsky - Brillance
Gotkovsky - Concerto
Harbison - San Antonio
Husa - Concerto
Ibert - Concertino da Camera
Jolivet - Fantaisie-Impromptu
Lauba - Balafon; Hard; Hard, Too Hard; Jungle; Steady Study on the Boogie; Sud; etc.
Larson - Holy Roller
Larsson - Concerto
Lennon - Distances Within Me
Lennon - Symphonic Rhapsody
Maslanka - Concerto
Maslanka - Sonata
Muczynski - Concerto
Peck - Upward Stream (Tenor)
Rogers, John - A Savage Calculus
Rogers, John - Breaking (soprano)
Rogers, Rodney - Lessons of the Sky (soprano)
Rogers, Rodney - The Nature of This Whirling Wheel
Rosse - Le Frene Egare
Rueff - Sonata
Ruggiero - Interplay (soprano)
Sancan - Lamento et Rondo
Scelsi - Tre Pezzi (soprano)
Schmitt - Legende
Stockhausen - In Freundshaft (soprano)
Swerts - Klonos
Swerts - Kotekan
Tomasi - Concerto
Torke - Concerto (soprano)
Tower - Wings
Wilson - Time Cries, Hoping Otherwise
Wuorinen - Divertimento
Yoshimatsu - Fuzzy Bird Sonata

Zupko - In Transit

For more information regarding auditions please visit the Penn State School of Music website by clicking HERE.